Currently I am working with brilliant teachers and advancing in two interesting fields: Prof. Fengyuan Xu and Assoc. Prof. Jingyu Hua in COSEC, and Assistant Prof. Hongyu Kuang, in Software Institute.

1. Publications

In process.

2. Research Interests

  • system security and mobile/IoT security
  • static analysis

    I am particularly interested in user privacy leaking in mobile scene. As my ultimate goal in my plan for PhD career, I am also interested in methods to combine architecture support to enhance the device security and make systems more dependable.

3. Research Projects

  • 1. Webcam Localization, with Assoc Prof. Jingyu Hua and PhD student Ying He.
  • 2. ModelHunter, with Prof Xu, and PhD student Hao Wu.
  • 3. Github Issue Clustering, with Assistant Prof. Kuang, leading a tiny group with two M.Eng. students who are pursuing their M.Eng. degree in 2021.
  • 4. Literature Review of EMSE’18, with other 9 students in SWI. Full slides and reports available here.
  • Besides, I used to be a member of the Nanjing University Trinity CTF team.

4. Other Projects

I had done several projects according to my own personal interests.

  • HiddenMosaic: Adversarial Sample Generation for Deep Learning Models.
  • MAIL: Multiple AP Indoor Localization via Mobile Phone Sensors. (expanded to a research project)
  • YUMMY: HCI-based system improvement on a take-out platform. (~full score in final presentation)
  • A literature review of empirical engineering research in 2018. Now full slides and report available at here
  • Nanjing University Exam Video Upload Website for Art Students(for Nanjing University Office of Academic Affairs)
  • Bequank Financial Platform (for CitiCup financial competition2018)
  • GeekMark Crwodsourcing platform(Project for Course SEC-III)

6. Competitions Taken(Chronological)

  • NOV 2018, CitiCup final, Dalian
  • OCT 2018, Huwang Cup Industrial Internet Security Contest, Beijing
  • MAY 2018, BCTF Final, Beijing
  • MAR 2018, NJUSTCTF 1st, Nanjing U. of Sci. and Tech.
  • JAN 2018, Linghang Internet Knowledge Contest, Nanjing
  • DEC 2017, TrinityCTF 1st, NJU
  • JAN 2017, EL Software Programming Contest, NJU

7. Contest Service

  • Committee, NJU TrinityCTF 3rd contest
  • Committee, NJU TrinityCTF 2nd contest