My Friends

I have learned a great much from these brilliant fellows; their passions and achievements in academia and industry have motivated me to push harder to become a better one.

Please check out:

Heng Fang, KTH

Bowen Huang, Yale (AEGIS Shield Session Chair)

Shinan Liu, UChicago

Lianke Qin, UCSB

Shibo Chen, UMich

Jiaheng Zhang, Berkeley

Hua Meng is my girlfriend, who gave me great courage and support, helping me not only rediscover myself and insist on things I like, but also ge away from the mental problems that had bothered me for over six years. Now in Google, Shanghai.

Xiangzhe Xu is my roomate, friend, and also teacher during my bachelor life. He is a self-motivated, perspective, active and capable student. He is also finding a phd position, and is currently on visit to CS department at Yale Univ. as research assistant.

Shiwei Feng is my good friend and research companion. Currently, he is visiting Purdue Univ.

Cheng(Charlie) Lei is my good buddy in learning and researches. Currently in Tsinghua Univ.

calabash_boy, my good friend, a four gold-medal winner in ACM..


Angel_Kitty, a friend of mine in CTF competitions

My advisors

Zhiqiang Lin, Associate Professor at SecLab OSU

Fengyuan Xu, Full Professor at COSEC NJU, is my supervisor in information security research project.

Jingyu Hua, Associate Professor at COSEC NJU, is my supervisor in webcam localization project.

Hongyu Kuang, Assistant Professor at SWI NJU, is my supervisor in information rerieval research projects.


Hao Wu is a phd student who taught me valuable preliminary knowledges about how to do research and become ready to become a good phd student. My close collaborator in information security projects.

Ying he is a phd student whom I collaborate with in webcam project.