The InfoSec Circus

TL;DR: For ranking regarding tier1+tier2: visit here. For ranking regarding tier1 only: visit here

A. Dataset Description

I have collected the conference paper statistics of all four top conference (CCS, USENIX, S&P, NDSS), along with 2 tier-2 top conference RAID and ACSAC. The original idea comes from here.

B. Data Collection Procedure

Where to collect? As conference papers are archived in corresponding proceedings from DBLP, I leverage this as my data source. However, many keynotes and introduction may also be included, which should not be counted as full paper.

How to filter non-full papers? Fortunately, those papers can be filtered out according to their tracks. For instance, CCS2017 shows both full paper and posters, where full papers are in tracks like "Session A1", and posters are in "Poster" track. Hence, I adopt a list of keywords to filter the tracks.

Threats to validity. It is almost unlikely to manually go over all 20*6=120 conference sites to count them one by one. However, I want to express my gratitude to Prof Guofei Gu: he has a nice website containing acceptance rate of all conferences. If a conference has significantly more papers than those shown in Guofei's stats, I will go over the website and add keywords to filter them out.

However, neither mine or his data is 100% correct, so when I reduce the # of paper to +/- 1 paper, I consider it as acceptable. Therefore, data shown here is only for reference, and may contain mistakes. Should you notice any mismatch of your own record, please feel free to contact me.

I plan to show some overall stats when I have spare time in the he rest part of this page. You are welcomed to stay here, or go to these two tables shown above to check out your ranking among security researchers.