Chapter 0 Prologue

I. Why I want to write this

​ Because I don’t want to FORGET.

​ I have been long considering using some proper way to record my life since I entered University in 2016. It hadn’t been quite long time, but too many things happened. Such a impetus of recording doesn’t come from vanity; in fact it had been deeply rooted in my past years. When I was in Senior High school, I started collecting the interesting words from teachers and my classmates, and after graduation, all these words became part of our mutual memory.

​ Initially, I used notebooks and diary trying to take down the daily thoughts and events but in vain. The daily life was tough, and hardly could I get any time to sit and calm down, to remember what happened, to refresh new ideas, and moreover to regain the initial passion towards new life. After trials and trials, I gave up desperately.

​ But I never surrendered to such procrastination that everyone might have went through. After all the attempt, I am glad to have noticed that I have a website, and I think that it might be the best way to record my story. I felt great that I can do something that might help fulfill my life. Another reason I started doing so is that there had been so many wonderful things happened in my daily life, and I don’t want to forget them after years. I have been searching for some way to encapsulate such priceless memory, and now it is the time to start.

​ I do not want to inject too much personal feelings into such biography-like diary. I want to make it more of a documentary. Personal feelings can affect the way of writing, and as time goes, the true details become vague. I just want to be HONEST.

II. Short story

​ As mentioned, I seem to experience a lot of different things, and meet many wonderful persons. In fact it seems everyone around me are experiencing their own wonderful life.

​ During the past three years, I survived the Entrance Examination of University enrollment, became a monitor, spent a full freshman year in the Students’ Union and Social Media department. In the meanwhile, also a year in the Piano Club and the Symphony Orchestra, where became my second home, and the most significant places of my life afterwards. I met with my girlfriend in a piano concert, made friends with persons from various colleges and departments in the two organizations. Started as a true newbie in orchestra, and then became a monitor of the violin II, and the chief second violin (during a short time) afterwards.

​ I almost failed my Calculus II, but also achieved good grade in some courses. One of the courses led me into a great new world, which afterwards became my research interest. I started as a normal student, and after three years’ grind I seem to re-discovered who I am and what I like, and am marching towards the rally point.

​ This is not going to introduce how to become a full-A student, neither is it going to be a how-to-get-enrolled-in-someUniversity tutorial. It is going to be a story of how a naive noob get suffered and grinded, and so on forever.

​ The following chapters is to be arranged by terms of semesters. In another word, 8 chapters from freshman fall to senior spring.