Linux Driver

Today, my dear father sent the Lenovo printer to my dorm. After several minutes of busy installing the device, I sat down, brewed a cup of tea, and said, ‘Let’s see what this little girl can do!’ Sadly, for the sake of goddamned linux operating system, a warning bumped out, saying, ‘Printer driver not found.’ Okay, I started searching using system-embedded tool. All right, it asks me to choose a brand but no freaking Lenovo brand found.

How come? I started searching on the Internet.

Good, Lenovo printers are mostly manufactured by Brother, and then re-branded to Lenovo. The model of my Lenovo printer is LJ2650DN, so I went to search ‘2650’ on Brother’s official website, hoping to find a linux driver.

Damn bingo, the corresponding model is 2650DN, the picture of which looks exactly the same! Downloaded, specified model name and device uri, and fuck yeah, I can print my papers in resolution of 2400dpi! Never got to go to the printing shop any more.

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Victory of linux user again!